Our Services

Whether we are designing and building websites, digital platforms, custom APIs, or SaaS platform infrastructure, we help businesses work the way they want to without being at the mercy of off-the-shelf solutions.

Development for the Modern Web

With every project, we work to understand your fundamental processes and uncover critical barriers and friction points. We create well-documented technical solutions and long term product roadmaps designed to evolve alongside your business.

Our stack is based on core Javascript libraries and frameworks such as React, Node, Next, Remix and GraphQL. Our expertise with platforms such as Contentful, Stripe and Typesense allow us to prescribe the best off-the-shelf system for your needs, while knowing when to move beyond them.

E-Commerce Systems Design & Platform Development

Autotelic can help bridge the gap between your business model and existing e-commerce providers. Our data-informed solutions are based on the idea that needs change over time, and as such, we are strong believers in headless e-commerce development as a core component of building for a modern web. We have deep knowledge of the marketplace and often consult with clients to prescribe the best off-the-shelf system that will fit their needs.

Your e-commerce platform should be a tool for your business, and not a limitation. We have experience building custom e-commerce implementations from the ground up that are designed to fit your unique business model and allow you to engage with your customers and tell the story of your products.

Platform Team Support & Tooling Development

Autotelic specializes in building tools and workflows for development teams to unlock their potential and increase satisfaction in their daily routines by automating routine tasks.

We build solutions that provide consistency in tooling across workgroups so that maintenance of code base dependencies becomes a simple global deployment step. Building composable template systems and command line tooling for technical teams reduces time and complexity to get from ideation to MVP, reducing troubleshooting and broken code.

Every project starts with a conversation

You talk, we listen. We learn about what you're trying to do, where your barriers are, and we figure out a solution. It's a refreshingly collaborative approach to digital projects and it all starts with a conversation.