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Autotelic is a team of Developers, Designers and UX Engineers that write code, build apps, ship products and grow client revenue. Based in Vancouver, BC, we specialize in complex full-stack web projects, e-commerce platform building and consultation, and API development. Ed Stone founded Autotelic in April 2016, as a continuation of the freelance work he was doing for contractors and agencies. It now consists of 8 full-time employees.

Ed has been a web and app developer for over 25 years. He has been manager of the European Search Frontend Engineering Team at Yahoo!, a Project Director at the open-source CMS company Squiz, and Head of Technology at the digital agency Tobias & Tobias in London, UK. He moved to Vancouver in 2011, working initially as a freelance contractor, and in April 2016 founded Autotelic.

We believe every great solution begins with a conversation. We are here to listen, understand, and transform your challenges into opportunities. Contact us to start a dialogue that could change the course of your business.

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