Your platform should empower your business, not limit it.

We help businesses work the way they want to, without being at the mercy of off-the-shelf solutions

We're experienced in building custom e-commerce implementations from the ground up that are designed to fit your unique business model, allowing you to engage with your customers and tell the story of your products. Our data-informed solutions are based on the idea that needs change over time, and as such, we are strong believers in headless e-commerce development as a core component of building for a modern web.

Custom e-commerce platform development

Custom e-commerce platform development

We collaborate closely with clients throughout the development process, from initial concept to final implementation, ensuring the end product aligns seamlessly with their brand identity and goals.

Headless Shopify

Headless Shopify development

We have extensive experience crafting tailored e-commerce websites using headless Shopify, integrating bespoke design elements while optimizing conversion rates, streamlining checkout processes, and enhancing product discoverability.

Marketing and analytics

Upgrade your marketing and analytics

Autotelic designs marketing sales funnels tailored to each client's unique audience, guiding potential customers through the purchasing journey. By analyzing user behaviour and engagement data, we continually refine and optimize these funnels, driving increased sales conversions and maximizing ROI for your e-commerce.

How we build

How we build

Autotelic can help bridge the gap between your business model and existing e-commerce providers. We use technologies such as Remix, React, Fastify, and Contentful to deliver solutions that fit your needs.

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We consult with clients to prescribe the best custom or off-the-shelf system. It all starts with a conversation.